Eidetic Film



Eidetic | idetik : vivid mental image in the form of a dream, fantasy, or an unusual power of memory and visualization of objects previously seen or imagined.



Computers process large amounts of information.

That’s what they’re good at.

From the moment you open your eyes,

you process new information.

But, unlike a computer processing new information,

the residue of the place you were in your dreams

remains until you blink it away

and you emerge fully  awake. But through the day,

you retain shadowy memories of dreams. Don’t your

dreams affect reality?

Don’t you strive in life to live your remembered dreams?

What if computers could use these after images of dreams

to process new information? What if

you could use technology to vividly recall that dream

place and navigate between memories and

reality? Aren’t films the visualizations

of our dreams? What if we could fully immerse

ourselves in the world of the movie? What if we could live

life, not just information through computer technology?

Though holodeck technology has yet to be

invented, Eidetic Film strives to push technology to

provide the next best thing! Eidetic Film merges

technology, video, dreams, to navigate memory.

Like on the  big screen,  movies should be

immersive visceral experiences. For the Internet,

big screen and gallery space, Eidetic Film

strives to create experiences that transcend the

formulaic narrative film, beyond a linear narrative that

utilizes the trope of the flashback, Eidetic Film

becomes a representation of an eidetic moment, meaning

so visually stimulating as to be unforgettable.

Holly Chadwick

Holly was raised by her grandparents on Whidbey Island. They believed in rigorous music studies. Though she didn’t become a concert pianist, she has directed short movies, documentaries and now the web series, the Sounds of Freedom. She earned a B.A. in Film and Digital Media from the University of California, Santa Cruz and has studied fine art and digital media as far away as Italy and The Banff Centre in Alberta Canada.

At the age of 16, Holly was a key member in a successful Internet start up and went on to working for fine art and newspaper publishing companies and designing for advertising.

She was a member of Americorps for two years where she helped kids learn to read and taught digital photography in her local community.

Holly has worked in a darkroom developing crime scene photos, had a father with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the inspiration for Sounds of Freedom. She is also working on a documentary featuring her mother, mental illness, and herself called Music in My Head.

Holly resides on Whidbey Island in the same house she grew up in with her husband, two Golden Retrievers and rather psycho kitty. She enjoys kayaking, boating, playing piano, extreme sledding and off-roading adventures.