Create effective marketing campaigns through visual storytelling.

Are you a filmmaker, film festival or digital creative who is …

not getting enough clients and/or deals?

not getting the right clients that are ready for your services?

getting clients, but they don’t want your help yet?

attracting clients and/or deals that don't get what you provide?

attracting clients that are too woo woo or too stuffy?

attracting clients that don’t stick around?

not attracting the right deal?

Eidetic Film can help!

We are serious filmmakers experienced in marketing through storytelling strategies, but don’t take it from us, Check out our


Holly has always gone above and beyond to ensure the success of every venture she has worked on for me. Her attention to detail and an almost sixth sense to identify and properly execute even the most creative and complex solutions is backed by exceptional skills and talent in design, development and digital marketing. She is the real deal. I cannot recommend working with Holly enough!
— Don Danielson